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United Church of God, ia
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Preaching the Gospel, Preparing a People

Making Life Work

Existing in modern times is becoming increasingly difficult with drug & alcohol abuse, gangs, skyrocketing prices, unemployment, and increasing taxes. How do you deal with financial, mental and physical stress? If you are interested in living a full and abundant life or are having problems in this life, you may be interested in one or more of these Mini Studies. Click on a title below...

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    A Higher Purpose in Marriage
    AI: More Dangerous Than Nukes?
    Banning the Mention of God in Public Life
    Building Godly Families: Aspects To Strive For
    Child Sacrifice: We Are Not So Different Today
    Christmas vs The Bible
    Family Prayers
    Fertility Symbols: Beneath the Dignity of God
    Following the Footsteps of a Different God
    How Can We Help Those Who Are Grieving?
    Humanity's Bias Against the Supernatural
    Love Is Something That We Do
    Pre-Christian Belief Concerning Heaven
    Repentance, Penance and Grace
    Socialism: A Warning from History
    The Dark Side: Its Effect on Humanity
    The Mesmerizing Spell of Self-Absorbed Entertainment
    There Remains a Sabbath Rest
    Tips for Managing Credit Cards
    Two Dedications to Mothers
    Types of Media Bias to Be Alert For
    What is the Time of the End?
    What is Your Ultimate Purpose in Life?
    What Kind of Love Does Valentine's Day Promote?
    When the Binary Burns
    Where Did Halloween Come From?
    Where Did the Idea of Angels as Babies Originate?
    Where Did Valentine's Day come from?
    Why America Should Be Thankful
    Why Study the Bible?
    Words of Encouragement

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