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Preaching the Gospel, Preparing a People

Biblical Perspectives

For those who want a deeper understanding of God's plan and purpose for man and how we can make God a part of our lives, the studies in this section provide a deeper perspective of the Christian life and a plain understanding of what God instructs through the Bible. We let the Bible interpret the Bible. We can cast aside the traditions of men and seek the real truths of our Creator. Carefully study the articles in this Mini Study category. Click on a title below...

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    An Ancient Cultural Clash
    Are There Different Gospels?
    Are There Other Gospels?
    Banning the Mention of God in Public Life
    Can We Trust the Bible on Christ as the Only Way?
    Colossians 2:16 Shows Gentile Christians Kept the Holy Days
    Current Confusion Over Christian Freedom
    Did Angels Interbreed With Women to Produce Giants?
    Did the Apostle Paul Expect to go to Heaven?
    Do All Churches Get Their Teaching From the Bible?
    Does It Really Matter What You Believe?
    Does the Bible Teach That We Have an Immortal Soul?
    Does the New Covenant Abolish the Commandments?
    Four Different Words Translated Hell
    God's Plan of Redemption
    How Are We 'Translated Into the Kingdom'?
    How is the Passover Ceremony Commemorated Today?
    Is it OK to keep Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Purim?
    Is the Kingdom Here Now?
    Is the Kingdom of God the church?
    Is the Kingdom Within You?
    Is the Rapture Real - Part 1
    Is the Rapture Real - Part 2
    Jesus Not an Angel but The Angel
    May the Force-God's Power-Be With You
    Other Names for the Kingdom
    Popular, But Wrong, Ideas About Angels
    Should You Observe the Sabbath Day?
    The Case for a Creator
    The Claim of Jesus' Disciples
    The Delights of Obedience
    The History of the Immortal Soul Teaching
    The Resurrection Connection
    The Smallest of Beginnings
    Two Great Prophets
    Was God's Law Abolished in the New Testament?
    Was Sunday the New Testament Day of Worship
    What is the Fate of Those Who Refuse to Repent?
    What Kind of Love Does Valentines Day Promote?
    When is the Sabbath to be Kept?
    When Was Jesus Born? Part 1
    When Was Jesus Born? Part 2
    Where Did Halloween Come From?
    Which Day is the Sabbath?
    Who Is God?
    Why is the Sabbath Commandment Not Repeated in the New Testament?

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