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United Church of God, ia
Portland Oregon/The Dalles Oregon

Preaching the Gospel, Preparing a People

United Youth Camps

"The Zone" is the environment in which God changes peoples' lives. It reflects the coming Kingdom of God on this earth during the rule of Jesus Christ as King of Kings. Learning about God and developing a closer relationship with Him is the goal. Camp is like a pre-millennial environment where put-downs are not allowed and where there is respect for others. "The Zone" is based on the Laws of God in action "love toward God and love toward people." God's way of life is lived at Camp and it works!


Seven Elements of "The Zone"
  1. Fun
  2. Challenge
  3. Success
  4. Support
  5. Inclusiveness
  6. Structure
  7. Positive Relationships

Camps are held during the summer months as well as the winter time. We have camps not only in the United States but in many other countries around the world.

We have camps for Teens and Pre-teens

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