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United Church of God, ia
Portland Oregon/The Dalles Oregon

Preaching the Gospel, Preparing a People

Our Beliefs and Mission

Jesus' message, the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, defines the mission of the United Church of God, an International Association. That same message, unaltered and undiluted, clarifies what we stand for in a world filled with a bewildering variety of religious beliefs, customs and opinions.

Religion as a whole has failed to provide solutions to mankind's dilemmas. Part of our mission is to fill that gap, to make available hope and solutions that faithfully and accurately reflect the teachings of the Bible and Jesus Christ.

We believe that we are to live according to the example and teachings of Jesus Christ. We believe that His message includes helping people to understand the meaning of life, how to cope with everyday problems and what the events and conditions in the world mean according to the true teachings found in the pages of your Bible.

We are involved in outreach programs on a local and global scale. We believe in helping those in need and exposing all peoples to the message of God's Kingdom. Our tag line states - Preaching the Gospel and Preparing a People.

This site contains information about our Portland Oregon congregations and offers FREE publications and articles that can assist you in dealing with everyday living and your relationship with God. We welcome you to our web site.

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United Church of God Portland
PO BOX 2806
Clackamas, Oregon 97015

Portland Area: 360-798-2921

Home Office: 513-576-9796


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