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Family Prayers

When our children were growing up, we had a family tradition of praying together every Friday night. We called it "talking to God."

To help everyone think of what to pray about, we had a formula we all used. Each of us would make his or her own prayer list using this formula before we would begin to pray. We would each:

Once everyone had his list complete, we would all kneel side by side in front of the sofa. As the mother, I would begin. Then each of the children would take a turn (the order was determined before we began), and Dad would go last and close.

On occasion the girls might have guests over for the night. On those occasions, they were given the option to join us or not. Some did, some didn't.

We found this family tradition to be beneficial in several ways. Not only was it an opportunity to set the right example and teach our children how to pray, but it gave us insight into how they thought: what was important to them, and what they were most concerned about.

If you're not used to praying together, it may seem awkward at first, but if you persist it will become a habit. We found that we were able to build an enjoyable family tradition of talking to God.

E Jacobs

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