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The Multiverse: A Desperate Attempt to Deny God

For those who still wish to deny the role of a Creator when faced with realities of science, the idea of the "multiverse" has become the popular explanation.

Since the idea of life arising from non-living matter and the evolution of our planet's astounding variety of life from a common ancestor are mathematically impossible, the idea has recently arisen that we live in one of an infinite number of slightly different universes and that, in fact, new universes are popping into existence all the time so that anything that can happen does happen.

Not only does this idea make room for alternate universes with different physics, but also alternate universes with the same physics but where events just occur slightly differently-universes where you got hired for a different job or didn't make the basketball team, for example. In this way, the mathematical probabilities that disprove the random development of a life-giving universe, abiogenesis, and macroevolution all cease to matter because there are infinite chances for it to happen!

Let's be clear that this is not a scientific theory, but a philosophical daydream! There are no experiments at all that have been or can be done to test it, which is ironically the same claim many make against God!

Where the ability to make observation is not present, we are no longer in the realm of science, and this is where the multiverse stands-it is merely an intellectual idea with no observational evidence whatsoever. Its only appeal is that it makes it a little easier to pretend that the existence of God is not necessary. But further still, the multiverse fails to even approach the fundamental question of why there should be any universes at all, let alone an infinite number of them, and thus gives no resolution whatsoever to the "something from nothinq" problem.

University of California, San Diego, physics professor Brian Keating summed it up well when he said: "The same scientists who reject God's existence due to a lack of evidence pin their hopes on a theory so all-inclusive and vague it can never be refuted. Those who believe God created the universe are intellectually honest enough to admit that they do so on the basis of faith" ("What's a Greater Leap of Faith: God or the Multiverse?" PragerU, April 23,2018). However, I beg to differ on this last point: In fact, our human capacity for observation and reason lead us squarely to a rational belief in the Creator God!

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