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Understanding the Universe

The universe is a massive place. We occupy a mere microcosm of our solar system. With advances in science and technology, where do we fit in? Do you believe in evolution? Have you ever looked into a telescope or a microscope? These studies help you to understand about the creation. Click on a title below...

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    A Blast From the Past
    A God Not Bound by Space and Time
    A Planet Perfect for Life
    Ancient Near-Eastern Concepts of Creation
    Blood Clotting: A Biological Miracle
    Cooperation or Competition: Symbiosis vs. Evolution
    Does It Really Matter What You Believe?
    Earths Age: Does Genesis 1 Indicate a Time Interval?
    Even More Amazing Discoveries About the Universe
    Genesis 1 and the Days of Creation
    How Big is Big?
    How Does God Reveal Himself?
    Immortality Through Space Travel
    Our Window of Opportunity
    Out-of-Place Fossils
    Science and Discomfiting Discoveries
    Scientists Thundering Silence
    Scientists, Creation and Evolution
    The Case Against Evolution
    The Greek Concept of Creation
    The Miracle of the Eye
    The Multiverse: A Desperate Attempt to Deny God
    The Mystery of the Resurrections
    The Scientific Evidence: A Critical Choice
    The Search for Alternatives to a Creator
    The Testimony of the New Testament
    Two Supposed Examples of Darwinian Evolution
    What Does the Fossil Record Show?
    When the Bible Seems to Disagree With Science
    Why Was I Put on this Planet?
    Why Were You Born?

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