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Understanding the Universe

The universe is a massive place. We occupy a mere microcosm of our solar system. With advances in science and technology, where do we fit in? Do you believe in evolution? Have you ever looked into a telescope or a microscope? These studies help you to understand about the creation. Click on a title below...

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    A Blast From the Past
    A God Not Bound by Space and Time
    A Planet Perfect for Life
    Ancient Near-Eastern Concepts of Creation
    Blood Clotting: A Biological Miracle
    Cooperation or Competition: Symbiosis vs. Evolution
    Does It Really Matter What You Believe?
    Earths Age: Does Genesis 1 Indicate a Time Interval?
    Genesis 1 and the Days of Creation
    How Big is Big?
    How Does God Reveal Himself?
    Our Window of Opportunity
    Out-of-Place Fossils
    Science and Discomfiting Discoveries
    Scientists Thundering Silence
    Scientists, Creation and Evolution
    The Case Against Evolution
    The Greek Concept of Creation
    The Miracle of the Eye
    The Mystery of the Resurrections
    The Scientific Evidence: A Critical Choice
    The Search for Alternatives to a Creator
    The Testimony of the New Testament
    Two Supposed Examples of Darwinian Evolution
    What Does the Fossil Record Show?
    Why Was I Put on this Planet?
    Why Were You Born?

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