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Learning From History

Biblical and secular history provides us with a view of the lives of the ancients. Modern archeaological finds have verified the accuracy of the historical readings within the Bible. If you have an interest in history or want to learn more about the personalities of the past, then these studies may provide you with thought-provoking perspectives. Click on a title below...

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    Are all Israelites Jews?
    Biblical Festivals in the New Testament
    Did Jesus Have Long Hair?
    Gods Covenant With David
    How Jacob Became Abraham's Heir
    Jesus Christ and the Festivals of the Bible
    Noah and Our Time: A Sobering Parallel
    Separation of Church and State?
    The Colonial View of America as a New Israel
    The Length of Jesus' Time in the Tomb Proves He Was the Messiah
    The Mighty Assyrian Empire Emerges From The Dust
    Was Jesus A Jew?

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