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What are Mini Studies?

The Portland congregations would like to share the knowledge of the Word of God with you. We are able to do this with our Mini-Study series. These are small, easy to read, topics that expound the principals found in the pages of your Bible, add scope to the understanding of world events, provide hope in your journey through life, and provide dimension to the understanding of who God is and what His purpose and plan is for humanity. Each study is a short discussion of a topic and is presented in a new browser window that makes the topic easy to read. You may use your browser print function or our handy print button to obtain a hard copy of the study. You may file these in a notebook for future reference. Come back to our Web site every week to read the latest study.

This Week's Mini Study

Parenting and Social Responsibility  

Research has shown the links between broken homes and the increased likelihood of eventual criminal behavior. Yet the Columbine High catastrophe is a dramatic wake-up call to all families. These two students came from apparently stable, middle-class and wealthy families. But, in a society in which the norm is that both parents hold down one or more jobs outside the home, as was the case here, there isn't enough time to go around.  Read more >>

Making Life Work

We go from day to day attempting to make sense of the realities that face us each day. There are steps we can take in living a fulfilling life. Solutions to help us deal with the difficulties we face each day are available. Simply click one of the Making Life Work Mini Study links to read material important to you.

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The Future

We can find out what tomorrow will bring and there really is a purpose to life here on earth. Man's future has been predetermined in the distant past. Click one of The Future links to find out more about your destiny.

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Understanding the Universe

Science and knowledge have added great complexity to our modern day lives. With advances in technology and the sciences, it may seem difficult to make sense of our universe. Is there a creator? Is evolution really true? Read the studies in this category to gain an understanding of our bewildering technological world. Click one of the Studies in this category for understanding.

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World Perspectives

These Mini Studies are designed to provide you with commentary and analysis of selected world news topics in the light of Bible prophecy. Its purpose is to help readers discern the times and increase their awareness and understanding of the answers Christ gave to His disciple's questions: "Tell us, when will these things be? And what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age?" (Matthew 24:3)

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Learning From History

History is our greatest teacher but seldom are it's lessons learned. Mankind makes the same mistakes repeatedly. We can learn much from the lives and events that happened in the past. The studies in this section help to keep history alive.

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Biblical Perspectives

Want to learn more about the Bible and it's teachings? Modern Christianity has failed to retain the truths found in the pages of the Bible and have substituted traditions of men and non-biblical teachings as the basis for worship. But how does God instruct us to worship Him and to live life? These studies provide an in-depth view of the real teachings of God.

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