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United Church of God, ia
Portland and Hood River Oregon

Preaching the Gospel, Preparing a People

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We are a part of a worldwide organization with congregations in the United States, Canada, and on all major continents.

We have two congregations in the Portland area: one in Portland Oregon and the other congregation in nearby Hood River Oregon.

Our mission is to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and to prepare a people for that kingdom. Our home office is in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Mini Study

iconThis Generation Will Not Pass

Many are puzzled by Jesus Christ's words, "Assuredly, I say to you, this generation will by no means pass away till all these things take place" (Matthew 24:34). Did He mean that generation of his disciples? Two biblical reasons eliminate this possibility.

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Beyond Today

iconWhat makes a nation great? • Will America Remain Great? • A great world Fake News Mass Media Government Division • The Bible and Immigration • Artificial Intelligence a threat? May the Force The I AM • The Greatest Prophet

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iconMy child, listen when your father corrects you. Don't neglect your mother's instruction. - NLT

- Proverbs 1:8

What you learn from them will crown you with grace and be a chain of honor around your neck. - NLT

- Proverbs 1:9

Welcome to the Portland/Hood River Oregon Web Site

We would like to welcome you to the Portland/Hood River congregations of the United Church of God!

Jesus Christ taught us "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free (John 8:32)." Finding Real truth in today's confusion of religious teachings brings real freedom, but it can be a challenge. Our goal is to teach and live the whole truth of the Bible and prepare for the coming Kingdom of God. We are following the steps of the Apostle Paul, as in his words we, "...declare to you the whole counsel of God. (Acts 20:27)"

We assemble on each weekly Sabbath Day as Jesus and the Apostles did. We keep the annual Holy Days that Jesus, the Apostles and the early New Testament church kept, and we teach the same doctrines they taught the early New Testament converts.

Our doors are always open. If you seek to better understand the awesome plan of God, come and learn more.

- Rex and Patty Sexton

This Week's Beyond Today Program

iconIf God is all powerful, and loving, why does He allow evil? Why doesn't He stop bad things from happening? You know, this question requires a little more than a few platitudes about how God is God and can do whatever He wants to do. Especially if you're the one who's brutally abused or you're struggling with why did God allow a friend to commit suicide?
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Contact Us:

United Church of God Portland
PO BOX 632
Hillsboro, Oregon 97123

Portland Area: 360-798-2921

Home Office: 513-576-9796


Portland Metropolitan Area

Hood River

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